What's the MBI KIT

A very essential and useful monitoring tool, the kits are also a very powerful tool for advocacy of the Universel Salt iodisation , a mission to combat the lack of iodine in daily diets of millions across the world. Monitoring of this iodine content at various points is the key to the success of this mission.

We offer Field Test Kits that allow Iodised salt manufacturers, quality controllers, health inspectors, social workers, NGO activists and even school children to assess the amount of iodine in iodised salt.

Field testing now easier!

The MBI KIT comes in handy pack that allows the user to carry it around during field visits. The kits are inexpensive, completely user friendly and offer a simple method of monitoring iodine in salt at field level.

What does the kit contain?

The Field Test Kit consists of:

  • 2-3 ampoules of 10ml each containing test solution
  • in some cases, 1 red ampoule containing recheck solution
  • a detailed instruction sheet in the local language
  • a colour chart with circular colour spots
  • one small container
  • all fitting into a handy pocket size kit

How to use the kit?

A few spoons of the salt for testing is filled a small cup and spread flat.

The test solution ampoule is opened by piercing it with a pin and the test solution is dropped on the salt surface till the surface is flooded.

The reaction liberates the iodine in the salt, and depending on the content of iodine, the solution changes the colour of the salt.

The intensity of the colour varies with the amount of iodine and by matching it with the colour chart the range of iodine can be ascertained.

In the absence of the colour formation, a few drops of the recheck solution is to be spread on the salt surface before using the test solution.

PPM level of iodine in salt

Different regions use different ppm levels of iodine in salt. From 50 ppm iodine for Asian countries to 100 ppm iodine in African countries, we offer customised test kits to cover the diverse range.

Iodising agent-Iodate/Iodide

We offer different types of test kits to cater to the different needs of countries. Like using Potassium Iodide as an iodising agent in South American countries to using Potassium Iodate as an agent in Asian countries. Through this we ensure that we offer totally customised test kits.

PH level of salt

Recheck solution that have been developed for the kit help in giving accurate results, irrespective of alkalinity levels in the salt that may be caused due to the addition of free flow agents like light basic magnesium carbonate or even due to natural causes.


As our kits are used at all levels and cater to diverse linguistic regions, we provide instructional manuals in over 25 different languages that include: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Thai and 10 regional languages in India.

Need be we develop specific instruction leaflets in any other language.


Our test kits have been evaluated by the multi-centric study conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The kits were distributed to eight different centers in India and over 6300 salt samples were tested on blind basis.

The comparison between the results of the Iodometric Titration and the test kits were made, and there was an excellent agreement between the two.

The Sensitivity averaged at 89.8%
The Specificity averaged at 65.6%
The Positive Predictive Value averaged at 80.9%
The Negative Predictive value averaged at 79.7%

All going to prove that the salt testing kits offer a good semi quantitative estimation of iodine in salt.