Here are some testimonials from people who have used the MBI kit for iodised salt

I have found that Iodised salt test kit, an ideal tool for improvement of the quality of iodised salt at the field levels particularly in creating awareness amongst community members. The salt test kits provide semi quantitative estimation of iodine in salt. These kits have been successfully utilized for promotion of consumption of iodised salt and also as an advocacy tool

Dr Umesh Kapil.,

Professor-Human Nutrition,
All India Institute Medicals Sciences,
New Delhi
STK is an integral part of IDD Programme and its contribution towards elimination of IDD is indisputable. My best wishes to MBI team for continuously making an effort to address field problems in use of STKs and working continuously on improving packaging and quality of STKs, with full attention to maintain low cost for a public health programme.

Dr. Sheila C. Vir,

Public Health Nutrition and Development Centre,
New Delhi