Here we have put together a list of common questions and answers about Iodine and iodised salt.

Why Iodine?

Iodine is a very essential micronutrient, that is required for the physical and mental development and growth of all human beings.

Where do we get it from?

Usually top soil of the earth was containing the iodine and the vegetables grown in such soils and ground water taken from such soils were bearing the iodine. Some of the sea fishes were also having iodine.

Why are we not getting it any longer?

Over a period the the top soils in the hilly areas have become eroded due to large scale deforestation while the delta top soil also got washed away due to constant flooding.In a no of other places the land has got leached due to excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides.Hence there is no iodine rich top soil in most part of the world.

What will happen without iodine?

Lack of iodine in the human intake will cause goitre,an enlargement of the thyroid gland, and other disorders like the mental retardation, physical disabilities such as stunted growth, defects of stance and gait, squint, lack of muscular co-ordination and deaf mutism. A pregnant mother with insufficient intake of iodine leads to still births, abortions and delivers child with mental sub normality

How do you get iodine into the human system?

Iodine can be taken into the human system through iodine oil, injection and iodine ta a blets. The thyroid gland has limited processing capabilities. Hence we need to find a method of giving a minute, but continuous supply of iodine into the human system.

What is the carrier of iodine and why?

Due to the factors explained above, we need to identify the food item that is consumed daily by all the sections of the community, that does not change its colour, taste, acceptability and remain at the price level as before even with the addition of iodine. It is found that the edible salt meets all the above requirements and hence it has been identified as an ideal carrier of iodine into the human system in the form of iodised salt.

How do you make iodised salt?

The iodised salt is made by spraying the common salt preferably powdered with a weak solution of potassium iodate and mixing it thoroughly.

What is the differencein appearance between ordinary salt and iodised salt?

There is no difference in appearance between the ordinary salt and iodised salt . There is no difference in the taste too

How do you know the difference?

To know the difference, we can use a salt testing kit

Why should you pack the iodised salt in moisture proof packings?

Iodised salt is manufactured by a water based solution of potassium iodate. If the salt is not packed in the moisture proof packing, it will absorb the moisture from the atmosphere and the absorbed moisture will dissolve the potassium iodate coating on the salt and it will run to the bottom of the bag and the top of the bag will contain salt of low iodine quantity while the bottom of the bag may contain salt with excess iodine.

How does the consumption of iodised salt benefit the community?

It has been established that in the absence of iodine in the human diet major health problems are caused and they can be totally eliminated if people start consuming the iodised salt. The difference in the cost of ordinary salt and the iodised salt is as low as ten rupees per year.